We ask you to agree to these Terms & Conditions whenever you purchase anything – whether an experience, or digital or physical product – from us at Eff It SRL (so that’s all our F**k It goodies).  

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases, bookings and other financial transactions with ‘Eff It SRL’ for retreats, events and workshops in Italy, the U.K., Ireland and elsewhere if applicable; for one-to-ones held either in person anywhere in the world or via a remote link, such as Skype, between either Gaia R.M. Pollini or John C.R. Parkin and the person booking; for online courses (‘eCourses’); for books, either physical or digital; and for any and all physical or digital products offered by ‘Eff It SRL’.

1. The company ‘Eff It SRL’

‘Eff It SRL’ is a registered Italian company owned and run by John C.R. Parkin and Gaia R.M. Pollini, with a head office of S.Statale Adriatica 151/6, 61121 Pesaro (PU), Italia, P.IVA: IT02589940416.

All activities of the business ‘Eff It SRL’ fall under the law “14 gennaio 2013, n. 4 (G.U. 26 gennaio 2013, n. 22)”.

2. Your relationship with ‘Eff It SRL ‘and “The Venues” (or “The Venue”) for F**k It Retreats & F**k It Events

“The Venues” refers to any of the venues in Italy (which, as an example, and at the time of writing, include Urbino, Stromboli, Pesaro and Fano) or any venues in the U.K. or Ireland (or elsewhere) hosting events for ‘Eff It SRL’. The course element (i.e. the teaching provided during sessions at “The Venues”) is provided by ‘Eff It SRL’. But all hotel elements (and all hospitality elements for day venues) are provided by “The Venues”. You therefore have a direct relationship with “The Venues” for all matters concerning the hotel (or venue structure, where applicable): e.g. accommodation, food, facilities, transfers, etc.. ‘Eff It SRL’ is not responsible for any such elements. ‘Eff It SRL’ has clearly researched “The Venues” and has been in discussion with them, and is providing information on the ‘Eff It SRL’ website (www.eff-it-helps.com) in good faith based on that research and discussion. It is not, however, responsible for inaccuracies in information regarding “The Venues” or for any problems arising from “The Venues’ ” provision of facilities or services.

3. Exemption from liability in case of unforeseen events

‘Eff It SRL’ is not liable for adverse weather conditions, strikes, transport delays or technical problems or any other unpredictable or unforeseeable event or events which could prevent you from participating in the retreat/ holiday or event or one-to-one, or online course, or any other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering, whether in person or virtually.

It is strongly recommended that you have adequate travel insurance to cover any possible problems that may occur during your holiday or event. or in the lead-up to that holiday or event; particularly relating to emergencies that could involve a visit to hospital casualty, and admittance to hospital.

4. Exemption from liability for health problems

‘Eff It SRL’ does not offer medical advice or opinions, and cannot in any case substitute an appropriate assessment by your personal physician, whom ‘Eff It SRL’ invite you to consult if you have any doubts about your ability to participate in holistic disciplines, whether in person or virtually, such as in a virtual one-to-one session.

It is your responsibility to inform ‘Eff It SRL’ of any health conditions which could prevent, limit or in any way affect your participation in any of the activities.

If you have any issues that relate to the ‘hotel’ side provided by “The Venues” (such as mobility), then please contact “The Venues” directly if you believe they require advance notice of such issues.

The guest takes full and exclusive responsibility when doing any activities offered by ‘Eff It SRL’, whether on a retreat or event or virtually as part of a Skype one-to-one session or on an online course. In no case, are ‘Eff It SRL’ or their operators liable for any damage, direct or indirect, to your health.

5. Terms and Conditions Relating Particularly to Online Courses and Digital Products

a..The “Course Participant”
In purchasing any online course or digital product offered by ‘Eff It SRL’, and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you become the “Course Participant”.  The purchase of an online course or digital product entitles the “Course Participant”, and no one else, to use the course materials. It is an offence to share the course materials with others in any way and an infringement of the copyright of the course and of this agreement.
b. In the Event of Technical Problems
The online course or digital product offered by ‘Eff It SRL’ is offered entirely via online technologies.  In the event that, for whatever reason, any part of the technology providing the course, fails, or, for whatever reason, part of the course is not conveyed as planned, ‘Eff It SRL’, as the providers of the online course or digital product, will endeavor to remedy the problem as quickly as possible, and, in any event, endeavor to provide you with all the materials that are part of the course or product.

If the problems arise in conveyance of course materials due to problems or limits of the technology of the course participant, ‘Eff It SRL’ is not responsible for ensuring the materials are conveyed, though will offer general advice on maximizing the possibility of viewing or accessing such materials.

6. Informed Consent for Participation

It is important to understand the nature of the holistic activities (F**k It Retreat or event or one-to-one or online course or any other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering) you are participating in prior to registration and booking / purchase. Information about the nature of the course and activities is contained in the description for that particular course or activity in the calendar programme (or elsewhere on the site if referring to one-to-ones, online courses or other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering). If you are unfamiliar with any of the references or concepts conveyed in these descriptions, then please research their background. If you are still in doubt, ask the organisers (‘Eff It SRL’) before registration.

In general, you will be participating in holistic and therapeutic activities as part of your holistic course on your F**k It Retreat or other events or one-to-one sessions or online course or other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering. These activities may include (but are not limited to) the following: meditation, relaxation exercises, breathwork, mindfulness exercises, energy work (such as ‘Qigong’), sharing work (where you share your feelings with the group), gentle physical movement, voice dialogue, somatic experiencing exercises, reiki, therapeutic written exercises (such as diary entries to understand your state of mind), therapeutic partner exercises (such as sharing how you feel with a partner, or offering healing in the form of gentle physical touch), movement and expression exercises, healing sound exercises, and so on.

You therefore participate in the holistic course, event or one-to-one, or online course of other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering fully aware of their therapeutic content. A simple exercise, like meditation, can be mentally activating, as well as calming. Simple physical movements can be physically activating, as well as calming. Holistic activities do create physical, mental and emotional effects.

You participate in the holistic exercises aware that they may well be physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging. If, having informed yourself of the nature of these holistic activities, you think you may have a physical or psychological condition, or suspect you may have one, that may be exacerbated by the exercises, then do consult a medical doctor or psychiatrist before booking, and certainly before attending, the course or any activity offered by or organised by ‘Eff It SRL’.

In any event, if you attend the course, event or one-to-one or online course or other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering and thus participate in the holistic activities, it is incumbent on you to judge exercise by exercise whether you are comfortable with them, and capable of doing them. If you at any time feel uncomfortable, either physically or psychologically, with any exercise, then either refrain from doing it, or stop doing it if you have already started. If you feel uncomfortable with doing a partner exercise, that might involve verbal sharing or physical touch, then either refrain from doing it, or stop doing it if you have already started.

The holistic activities are powerful. That is why people participate in these courses, events, one-to-ones, online courses and any other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering: they are therapeutic. And it is important that you understand the potential power of these exercises before you register for participation.

Your agreeing to these terms and conditions, and your subsequent participation in the courses, events, one-to-ones, online courses, or other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering and their holistic activities, demonstrates your informed consent to these course and activities.

7. Theft and loss of property

‘Eff It SRL’ recommends that you do not bring jewellery or valuable items with you during your stay on a F**k It Retreat or Event. If you do, please do not wear jewellery or objects of value during the holistic activities. ‘Eff It SRL’ is not liable for theft, or for any loss of your personal property, under any circumstances.

8. Payments

For short events, workshops, one-to-ones, online courses and any other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering (ie. not Retreats in Italy), the payment or payments made is / are non-refundable.

For Retreats in Italy, the cost of the retreat is split into 3 instalments. The ‘first instalment’ of €590, which secures your booking, is non-refundable. The ‘second instalment’ is due 2 months after your ‘first instalment’ payment, or 2 months before the retreat, whichever is earlier. Or, if the booking is being made within the 2 months prior to the retreat, the 2nd instalment is required on initial booking. The ‘third instalment’ or ‘venue instalment’, which is paid directly to the venue, is due 6 weeks before the retreat (or on booking, if that booking is being made in the 6 weeks before the retreat). ‘Eff It SRL’ will remind the participant(s) of this 6-week deadline, and direct participants to relevant venue payment pages where necessary, but the direct relationship is always between the participant and “The Venue”.  If, for whatever reason, “The Venue” payment is delayed and a cancellation is made (within this last 6-week period) “The Venue” is still likely to request that full payment be made, just as with a cancellation with a regular pre-booked hotel.

If the participant finds they need to cancel the Retreat in Italy, and this sometimes happens, for example for medical reasons, then inform ‘Eff It SRL’ immediately. If a cancellation for a specific retreat is made up to 2 months before that retreat, the participant will have the option to switch retreats, availability allowing. If no options suit, then what the guest has paid to Eff It SRL over and above the €590 ‘1st instalment’ will be refunded. In any case, the participant can make a claim on insurance (with relevant evidence, eg. doctors’ confirmation notes), if appropriate. If a cancellation is made within the period 6 weeks before the retreat starts (and thus “The Venue” has been paid or is owed), then ‘Eff It SRL’ will discuss the refund terms with “The Venue”. Each venue has different specific terms on cancellations during that period, and partial refunds are sometimes possible depending on those terms and the exact time period before the retreat starts that the cancellation occur.

9. Transfers and other information

‘Eff It SRL’ provides information about transfers, etc. on its site (www.eff-it-helps.com), but does not organise anything on behalf of the guest. ‘Eff It SRL’ is not responsible for the accuracy of this information (e.g. train times and prices do change over time). This applies to any other information relating to “The Venues” and the surrounding areas contained on the ‘Eff It SRL’ website (or other materials).

Guests either organise transfers, excursions, etc. themselves or directly with “The Venues”.

10. Cancellation

In the unlikely event that your event, workshop, holiday, retreat, one-to-one, online course or other ‘Eff It SRL’ offering with ‘Eff It SRL’ at one of “The Venues” (or virtually) should be cancelled, ‘Eff It SRL’ will endeavour to offer you an equivalent alternative.

11. Privacy Policy

a. Information ‘Eff It SRL’ collects:
i. Personal information.
There are various points on the ‘Eff It SRL’ website where we request personal information, either on sign-up forms, where you fill out your email address and first name. Or on various enquiry or booking forms for retreats or events. Or on order forms for other products or services. This information might include, but is not limited to, name, surname, email address, mailing and shipping addresses, home or work telephone number, and/or credit card information. You will always know when we are collecting personal information, because we only collect personal information when you voluntarily submit it to us through our online forms and questionnaires. When you do choose to give us personal information through our websites, we collect and retain that information.
ii. Non-personal information.
When you use our ‘Eff It SRL’ website, “non-personal information” may also be collected, which is information that, by itself, cannot be used to identify or contact you, such as technical information, like your IP address, the type of browser you are using, the websites you visit immediately before and immediately after you visit our websites, and other anonymous data involving your use of our website. Non-personal information may also include information that you provide us through your use of our website. Most websites collect such information, it’s just that not everyone knows this.

b. Cookies
‘Eff It SRL’ uses “cookies” to enhance your visits to our website. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not store personal information about you, unless you knowingly provide it. Cookies can store non-personal information, such as what websites, or pages your browser has accessed. You do have control over cookies. Most browsers can be set to notify you when a cookie is being placed on your computer. Most browsers can also be set to refuse to accept cookies, although this may affect your Internet experience. You can also erase cookies that are already on your computer. For more information about working with cookies, you should consult your user manual, FAQ, or “help” function of your specific browser and operating system software. Again, most websites use cookies to enhance the user experience, it’s just that not everyone knows this.

c. How ‘Eff It SRL’ uses the information we have
We use aggregated non-personal information about our users to understand our website’s demographics, such as the geographic distribution of our users, the age ranges of our users, or a combination of these or other demographics. We use the non-personal information we collect to analyse how our website is being used, and to improve the content of our website, online product and service offerings, and promotional efforts. We use the personal information you provide to communicate with you (via regular emails), to process payments (eg. address and credit card payments) or as part of the purchase (there may be personal information that is required by a hotel that you’re staying in as part of a retreat). Our most regular form of communication contact with you is via the regular emails. You can unsubscribe from these when you like – using a link contained on every single email.

d. Disclosure of information to Third Parties
‘Eff It SRL’ does not share any of your personal information with any third parties, for marketing or any other purposes. The only possible exception is in our and your dealings with the “venues” that we work with in providing our F**k It Retreats and Events. We would clearly give them your name and surname in the process of the booking. And we wouldn’t, as a matter of course, give them your email address. There might be exceptions of course – where it is required that they do urgently contact you for example, or if they need to chase a late payment with you. There might also be ‘personal information’ that you provide us that is clearly provided with the intention of being passed onto the venue – eg. Information regarding mobility issues or food allergies. Our website and emails may contain links to other websites. We have no control over the privacy practices or the content of any of our business partners, affiliates or other websites to which we provide links from our websites. You should check the applicable privacy policy of the third-party website when linking to other websites.

e. Other disclosures
‘Eff It SRL’ may disclose personal information when we are required or requested to do so by law, court order or other government or law enforcement authority or regulatory agency; to enforce or apply our rights and agreements; or when we believe in good faith that disclosing this information is necessary or advisable, including, for example, to protect the rights, property, or safety of Eff It SRL, our users, or others.

f. Security of Information
The security of your personal information is important to us at ‘Eff It SRL’. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to secure your personal information. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet, and there is always some risk in transmitting information electronically. On our ‘Eff It SRL’ website, when users submit sensitive information, your information is protected both online and off-line. For online transactions we use the services of PayPal to help provide high levels of security.

g. Information accuracy
After receiving a request to change your information, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all of your personal information stored in databases we actively use to operate our website and email systems will be updated, corrected, changed or deleted, as appropriate, as soon as reasonably practicable. However, we reserve the right to retain in our archival files any information we remove from or change in our active databases.

This Policy was created in its current form 1st January, 2018, and may be adjusted at any time to meet appropriate legal requirements.

12. Jurisdiction

For any dispute that could arise in relation to the interpretation, execution and/or cancellation of the booking contract, or in relation to any purchase of an offering by ‘Eff It SRL’, to which these conditions are applicable, and in which ‘Eff It SRL’ is legally involved, the Courts of Pesaro, Italy, shall have sole jurisdiction.

13. Consent

We need your consent. By giving your consent, you are also giving consent on behalf of anyone else you are booking for using this or any other of our forms (whether partner, friend/s or other/s). Therefore, whoever gives this consent must have been authorized to give it by the other participant / participants / purchaser / purchasers.