1. In this new book, John C. Parkin brings his usual F**k It wisdom and irreverence to the core question of how to be at peace with life, just as it is.
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What John says about this book –

“This is the book I was waiting to write. This is the single most critical thing for me in life –
how to say ‘F**k It’ and be at peace with life, as it is, today.  I’m excited (and at peace) that this message is now going to be heard.”

John C. Parkin

The Video – ‘How to be At Peace’


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  1. ‘Be At Peace Today’ one-off, special and rather marvellous audio with John
    In this 80 minute audio with John, you’ll learn how to feel at peace today.  John uses himself as an example by recording on a morning when he was feeling stressed, and then using his own techniques to calm himself down, teaching you the techniques as he goes along.  He reads from the second part of the book (about being peaceful NOW) and adds commentary to the text, and takes you through the exercises live.  By the end of this very special recording, you’ll know how to meditate (though you won’t call it that), how to find peace today and more about how John calms himself than most people would ever learn.
  2. Images of the original notes and text for the ‘Be At Peace Today’ section of the book
    If you’re interested in the process behind the writing of a book, you’ll love this.  These are John’s original notes for some of the second part of the book, including doodles in the margins.  Most of this was written on the beach, and you may be able to see the sand still in the crease of the notebook.
  3. Ask John about being at peace
    Once you’ve read the book, and you have a question about the content – anything, from what a ‘Chopper’ is, to how to sit still if your mind is racing, or how to deal with the reality of climate change – you can email your question to John.  And he’ll answer it.  Personally.
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Here’s Some Praise for John and his F**k It Books

“Stressed, angry or upset? Then try F**k It therapy.”

“Everyone can relate to F**k It.”

“John combines Wayne Hemingway’s style with Eddie Izzard’s flights of surrealism.”

“The self-help phenomenon that we can all swear by.”

” ‘F**k It’. I was practising the words. They rolled around my head. We need to say “F**k It” when we’re out of sync with the natural world; it helps us go with the flow.”

“This book makes me smile and, more importantly, clicks my brain into positive mode.”

“This brilliant, funny, wise book gives us the kick we need to stop making excuses and do what we love. Parkin is living proof that it can be done.”

“A new life bible urging us to tip the life balance back in our direction and make time for what’s important, rather than all that stuff we feel we should be doing.”

A summary of the book (from the back-cover)

Is there a gap between how you’d like things to be and how they are?

Most likely there is, and it hurts. It may be a small gap or a freaking enormous ravine, but that gap is, in fact, probably the primary cause of pain and unhappiness for most people. Whatever it is that is stressing you out right now or causing you pain is right in that gap, and stopping your life from being how you would like it to be.

What if you said ‘F**k It‘ to the idea of how your life should be and found peace with your life just as it is?  That’s going to shake things up and take the edge off your pain and discomfort way more than any pill could.

John C. Parkin, the maestro of saying ‘F**k It’, realized as he worked with people on his retreats that we can close that gap not by striving to be different, changing the world or even learning how to be peaceful – but by saying ‘F**k It’ and making our peace with life, just as it is.

Being at peace with life doesn’t necessarily mean being peaceful, and it certainly isn’t being passive; it means embracing life in all its colours.

This is a radical message that can create radical shifts in your perception of life, just as it is.

The bit about John, the author (off the back-cover)

John C. Parkin is the author of the bestselling F**k It books.

The son of Anglican preachers, John realized that saying ‘F**k It’ was as powerful as all the Eastern spiritual practices he’s been studying for 20 years.

Having said ‘F**k It’ to a top job in London, he escaped to Italy with his wife, Gaia, and their twin boys, where they now teach their famous F**k It Retreats in various spectacular locations.

And here’s an extract from the totally peace-inducing and enlightening –

F**k It. Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is

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