Gaia has just finished her F**k It Magic Restart retreat at The Hill. The Hill That Breathes is the retreat centre that we set up in 2004, and now run by the Marsis.

I (John) went for dinner on the last evening (as I’d been in Brooklyn getting together with other Hay House authors). And I walked into a rather astonishing atmosphere. 

Everyone looked shiny and happy and gentle.

One guest, who’s been to many retreats with us over the years, said –
“Every time I’ve been, I become more myself”.

I like that. That’s a good indication of the magic that Gaia helps create on these retreats.

But I still wanted to know what they’d been up to… 
How come they all looked so in bliss…
So I asked Gaia –

…She told me that one thing they did was her magical ‘river process’, where people walk, in pairs, slowly into the mountain river, transforming fear and reaction into total presence and personal power.


This is a photo I took last year of Gaia briefing her group on the magical river process

And she said that they also did her ‘restart process’ –
– where each person can experience being completely welcomed, wanted and accepted, thus healing those feelings of ‘being left out’ and ‘unwanted’ which haunt most of us many times a day.

It was a bit of ‘wow’ for me actually being there at that last dinner.

Even after all these years.

I felt good just being in that energy (I was going to say ‘field’, which is how I’d prefer to describe it, but you’d think it was one of the fields that surround The Hill, not this magical field that was co-created on The Hill!).

If you fancy some of that yourself, details of all our retreats this year are here – 

P.S. I wasn’t home for long! Do come and meet me…
Because I’ve just arrived in London where I’m doing a workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival today – 
a 2 hour workshop on the subject of my new book ‘F**k It. Be at Peace with Life, Just as It Is’ – 
It’s cheapish too – you buy a ticket to get into the whole festival for the day, then one for my workshop… all for less than £30.


P.P.S. And if you can’t make that – 
then there’s still a chance to pre-order the new book and get some rather juicy extras.
It’s out June 5th, so you won’t have to wait long.
And the extras you get by pre-ordering are rather lovely – all details here – 


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