1-to-1 Skypes with Gaia

Whenever Gaia has offered 1-to-1s in the past, on her visits to London, they’ve been oversubscribed.

Since then, she’s been asked many times to do 1-to-1s over Skype, and – given that some of her current magic methods work so well over the ether – she is now offering them regularly.

In fact, Gaia has many clients who access her magic with a combination of these regular skype 1-to-1s and occasional live 1-to-1s in London.

Gaia’s 1-to-1s are a great opportunity to explore any aspects of your life that need attention, unblocking or an injection of magic.

In the session, Gaia will use different approaches depending on what is needed.

She may guide you through an inner awareness process using internal energy work, and following sensations in your body (somatic work), you’ll be able to reconnect to wonderful feelings in your body and energy, and to dissolve blocks that previously were difficult to reach and let go of.

You’ll be able to experience the energy of self-connection, learning to keep contact with yourself in challenging situations.

Her approach requires no pushing, striving or active resolving. And this is very F**k It. She helps clear the more stuck patterns by bringing in a new sense of safety and trust; there is no judgement, just exploration; you learn how to feel through the body and the energy, to just stay present whilst the experience unfolds.

You’ll experience releasing, feeling, and realising that you are more fluid and free than you ever thought.

If you need clarity on an issue, she may guide you through an exploration of the different voices and energies at play within you, using the very effective ‘part therapy’ (or ‘voice dialogue’). You’ll energetically experience each ‘part’ of you involved in the issue, so that you can feel freer and clearer, while embracing all that you are.

She will work with spontaneous self-healing created by remaining present, relaxed and in touch whilst your energies and sensations are allowed their natural release.

Your uniqueness… no one else has it. No one in the world. What are you waiting for to realise that you are special? You are magical as you are. When you realise that, you can start listening to yourself again and follow your own inspiration.


Gaia sees and knows that you are magic, just for being you.
When you experience again that you are safe, loved and special, you start feeling the magic again. You can start listening again to yourself, to your feelings, desires and ways of being in an accepting and conscious way.
This brings great harmony and great freedom of choice. New opportunities arise.


Gaia is co-author of the F**k It books and co-founder of the F**k It movement.
She has been running F**k It workshops since 2005 and her sell-out Magic Gaia courses since 2009.
Over the years, many people have come out of a session led by Gaia talking about ‘Gaia’s magic’. It wasn’t so easy to put your finger on exactly what Gaia was doing, it was just ‘magic’. But that’s how the ‘Magic Gaia’ thing started.

So here are the facts about Gaia: she’s a powerful Italian woman; she’s an experienced and intuitive therapist; she’s a breathworker (working with the breath for healing); an expert in qi (energy) and qigong (the Chinese energy art); she works with energetic and somatic release and the transformation of thought patterns.
She is an expert in emotional transformation and the art of finding and following one’s heart.

And here are the less-than-facty-things about Gaia: she has a peculiar ability to know exactly what’s going on for people; she will say just the right thing at just the right time; she will move the energy in just the right place; she will talk about just the right subject for you to hear; she will create a space that feels just right for you.

How To Book Sessions

This is how it works:

  1. All sessions last between 1 hour and 1 hour 10 mins.
  2. You choose the number of sessions you want.
  3. You buy those sessions by just clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button, below.
  4. You will be given a link to Gaia’s online diary. You can book all your sessions in one sitting.
  5. We will also send you an email with that link to the diary, so you can refer back to it.

It really is very simple, you’ll see.

Many people start with 3 sessions, and that’s what Gaia recommends, as it allows enough time to go through the important aspects of the issue you want to work with.

There is a price for a single session if you do prefer to try out the work with just one session though, or you prefer to book one session at a time and go back to the diary when you want another.

1 session: €120

3 sessions: €300

8 sessions: €700