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John & Gaia have been running Fuck It Retreats in Italy for 10 years.  They wrote the international bestselling Fuck It books.
They live with their sons near the beach in Italy – spending their time walking on the beach and helping people around the world find freedom through a brilliant profanity.



We are John & Gaia. We said ‘F**k It’ to our careers in London and escaped to Italy in 2004.

We led our first F**k It Retreat in 2005.

We then wrote the bestselling F**K IT BOOKS (600,000 sold in 25 languages).

We have 1 million followers on Facebook.

All because… F**K IT HELPS… It really does. Saying F**k It relaxes us, helps us let go, do more what we please and feel more free.

Just say it now, to something that’s bothering you or causing you pain… And feel the RELEASE and the FREEDOM.







Some Popular F**k It Videos for Your Delectation

The Original F**k It Video

About ‘F**k It’ being a spiritual way – we created this video for the release of the first book back in 2008.

It gained half a million views pretty quickly.

The Current F**k It Book

This is for the book ‘F**k It – Do What You Love’.

It’s a message from aliens to humankind – encouraging us to do what we love.


Shocking F**k It Retreats Video

We still get complaints about this one – it features our boys (eight at the time) talking about how tough life is and how ‘F**k It helps you survive.


‘Face Your Fear’ Video

This is an extract from the ‘F**k It Therapy’ book, set to one of John’s F**k It tracks.

We all get scared, this is how F**k It can work around that fear.


The F**k It Blogs

New F**k It Book (on being At Peace)…

I (John) spent last year devoted to finding peace. And I wrote it all down. And the latest F**k It book is the result -  F**k It. Be At Peace with Life, Just as It Is. So this is a very exciting time. It's out June 5th.  But is available to pre-order now. And if you...

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A Strange Frickin’ Phenomenon…

In this second podcast about taking a F**k It Journey through life, we look at - A really strange frickin' phenomenon. It's what often happens to us all when we suddenly feel really good... or get into a nice groove somehow... Can you guess what we're talking about?...

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Make Life a F**k It Journey…

Imagine now how different your life would be if you approached everything with openness and curiosity, rather than caution and resistance, even the challenging things of life. Imagine turning the journey of life into a F**K IT JOURNEY - by relaxing more, sitting back...

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F**k It – Wish You Were Here…

It's the first Sunday of the first retreat of the year - Gaia's 'F**k It Magic Abundance' at Urbino Resort. And, F**k It, we really do wish you were here with us. It's somewhat difficult to capture the specialness of the retreats and the venues... but here's a little...

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Last Fab Podcast – Elephant in the Therapy Room

If you’ve listened to our recent podcasts... or read our books... or seen a video or ours... and you’ve been inspired and enthused to get on the F**k It Journey with us, and to start to do the personal work necessary to be more free... But... You didn’t take the next...

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Fab Podcast 2 – Identify your Coping Mechanisms

We had such a great response to our last (and first) podcast - thank you to all those who emailed or messaged us, you've made us podcast-excited! So in that podcast we were looking at -  ‘What’s blocking you from having the life you want, and being free?’. (If you...

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Fab Podcast from John & Gaia

We (John & Gaia) have recorded a podcast, just for you.  JOHN & GAIA PODCAST 1 We think you’ll love this – our first podcast, coming in at 18 mins long. It’s a great introduction (or reminder) to ‘F**k It’. And we also go deep into the F**k It work too. In fact, we...

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This Woman Couldn’t Let Go

We often talk about 'F**k It' in the context of letting go - and that usually means letting go of our attachment to something that's causing us pain. That might include an idea we have about something (eg. that we need to be successful at this or that)... or letting...

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Down Days

We all feel a bit down occasionally. It's perfectly natural. And we're more prone to Down Days at this time of the year in particular (and that's even without the Trump inauguration-anniversary-related news.) We're about to give some great tips for shifting the down,...

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The Power of Lazy

It’s a wonder this blog post is getting to you, you know. What, with the state that I’m in at the moment. It’s only really because the latest series of Broadchurch that I’ve just binge-watched in 24 hours came to an unexpectedly early end just now, that I’m even here....

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How To Waste Time

I, John, seem to spend half my time encouraging people to spend their precious time on this planet caring less what others think and doing more what the fuck they fancy. And the other half encouraging very motivated and successful people to relax a little and play...

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The Power of Talking

There was a piece on Radio 4's Today programme recently about the elderly and depression: that half the elderly (in the U.K.) say that they have suffered with depression and/or anxiety. People put the main causes as the loss of someone close to them, or financial...

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What Should I Do?

With the current 'F**k It, Do What You Love' eCourse now underway with a band of thirty Doing What They Lovers, I've been contemplating how we make our decisions about what to do next in our lives. After all, people on our Do What You Love courses often agree with...

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Bye Bye Louise Hay

Louise Hay passed away a few days ago. Many of you will know of her amazing work. She's inspired millions of people around the world with her books (the first was 'Heal Your Body' published in 1976) and her healing, loving messages - primarily through the medium of...

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At peace with Monday

A theme has emerged in the last couple of retreats we've been teaching - an interesting way to look at acceptance. It involves the difference between being 'At Peace', and 'Peaceful'. And, even on this, a Monday, you may soon see that, even if you're not particularly...

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Happy Resurrection Day

We wanted to share some thoughts around 'resurrection' and looked up 'Easter'... and alternative names for today are 'Pascha', which sounds like our Italian 'Pasqua' (as it has a Latin root) and 'Resurrection Sunday'. So, Happy Resurrection Sunday. And, for the many...

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The Top Way to Sort Stress

In this series of blog posts, we've looked at the effects of our stress response on our health and our Top 3 Anti-Stress techniques. But to trump even those, this last post is about the TOP WAY to sort stress. So here’s a truism that may not surprise you – You tend...

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Top 3 Anti-Stress Techniques

In the last blog post we looked at how harmful our stress response can be to us (very harmful!). So let's look at the Top 3 Anti-Stress Techniques. Straight in at Number 3... What are you stressing about? Make a list. Everyone’s list is different. Something that...

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The Top 3 Effects of Stress

As you shake off the stress of the week, here's a little reminder of the effects of stress and why it's worth trying to experience less in the first place. We’ve called this ‘the top 3 effects of stress’ as if it’s something you’d like, something that it would be...

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Prepare to Laugh your Socks Off

Oh my, if you haven't seen this clip already, you must... CRINGEY HILARIOUS BBC LIVE INTERVIEW CLIP I watched it several times yesterday, cringing and giggling. Then when Leone (one of our sons) woke up and told me to watch this video with these kids, blah blah, I...

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Are You Mentally Well?

Mental health is talked about a lot more than it used to be. Celebrities will now talk about depression and mental health issues in a way that they wouldn't have before. Who is in that photo? This boy became a famous and much-loved man who's been very open about his...

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Dealing with Trump Anxiety, Part 1

Whoah, we’re only 2 weeks in. How are you feeling? Every day, every news item, every tweet, every Facebook feed brings something more to feel scared and anxious about. And, let’s not kid ourselves – these are dangerous times. Most of us are observing that and feeling...

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How to Slow Down during this Speedy Week

How are you doing - a few days before Christmas? It's a funny old period - usually so RUSHED before Turkey Day - it's a real Speedy Week. And then a series of empty days. If only we could scoop some of the time from after Christmas and apply it to this week. So, I was...

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Nico Rosberg’s F**k It Moment

So Nico Rosberg has retired from Formula 1 - just 5 days after becoming world champion. It was a shock to most people. And I listened carefully to what he said when he announced it - "I've decided to follow my heart and that's what my heart tells me." And... "It just...

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Is Donald Trump a Positive Pig?

I've been thinking a lot about positivity recently. And about Mr. Trump (like we all have). And whatever you think of him, you have to take your (baseball) hat off to him for his optimism and self-confidence. It seems that nothing could knock that man, or dent his...

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Something You’ll Suddenly Start Noticing

  Don't you just love those things that you hadn't noticed before, then someone mentions it, and you notice it all the time? This might be one of those.  Well, in truth, I've only shared this observation with Gaia, and she's not yet confirmed its universal veracity....

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Are You Stupid?

Yesterday, I was doing the washing-up after dinner and picked up (and washed) the lid of an ice-cream carton (you know what a gooey mess that can be), as I thought it was finished and I could then drop it into the plastic recycling. Twenty minutes later, as I'm...

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Wish You Were Here

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the concept of postcards. As well as the somewhat insincere sentiment of ‘Wish You Were Here’… (to which the just response should be ‘Well Why the F**k Didn’t You Ask Me To Come In The First Place Then, Eh?’), what’s with our...

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Doing What You Love is Easier Than You Think

This is the third blog post in the series of How to Do What You Love (and how important it is). In our last blog post, we learnt from a 93-year-old, that the key to a long (and happy) life is simple … DO WHAT YOU WANT. In fact, this simple invitation can help overcome...

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Four Words to Help You Live to 93

This is the second blog post in the series of How to Do What You Love (and how important it is). This little documentary film is based on the Four-Word-Advice that a 93-year-old gave to the protagonist when he was younger. YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THIS FILM - (it’s...

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Hate Your Job? You’re Not Alone

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 30% of the workforce in the U.S. like their job - ‘like’ defined as being ‘engaged’ and ‘enthusiastic.’ So that means 70% weren’t engaged – ie. not enjoying their jobs. And how long do we all spend working? YIKES! In our latest...

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How to Meditate Anywhere

I'm waiting in the queue for a teacher at one of our boys' school's parents' evening. 40 minutes so far and counting (it'll be at least another 40 mins I reckon). I use the word 'queue' (very) lightly too as we are in Italy, where you arrive at a 'queue' and have to...

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How Fuck It Helps Cultivate SUNDAY MIND

SAYING F**K IT & CULTIVATING SUNDAY MIND So, it's Sunday, The Archers is on in the background, the roast is on (oh, I wish). F**k It Helps Pt. III is - HOW TO CULTIVATE SUNDAY MIND WITH F**K IT OR HOW F**K IT HELPS WITH RELAXING, FREEING UP AND BEING MORE PRESENT...

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How F**k It Helps You Do What You Fancy

You may never have been aware of this, but it’s very likely that there are two currents that run beneath your life: 1. Your desire to be free and do what you like in life. 2. Your desire to be approved of by others. Do you agree?  It’s the case for me, for sure.  I...

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How F**k It Helps with Stress & Anxiety

Here’s a truism that may not surprise you – You tend not to get stressed about things you don’t care about. - You wouldn’t get anxious about an interview if you didn’t care whether you got the job. - You wouldn’t stress about being late for an appointment if you...

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This will be a retreat, and more, in 2018…